The recommended headroom for our roller doors is 360mm. For garages with restricted headroom, our mini-roller door may be the answer. With all the same great features as our standard sized roller doors, our mini-roller can fit in as little as 230mm headroom (you’ll need 300mm headroom if you require full drive-through opening height). The mini-roller options available at no extra cost in both Roll-A-Door® and RollOver® ranges up to 3048mm wide x 2134mm high. Mini-rollers are not suitable for remote control automation.

Clearance Requirements Roll-A-Door Mini-Roll-A-Door RollOver Mini-RollOver
Headroom for full opening height 360mm* 300mm 360mm* 300mm
Minimum headroom 330mm 230mm  330mm 230mm
Sideroom 95mm 95mm 130mm 130mm
Sideroom with automatic 145mm n/a 180mm n/a

Doors over 2200mm high require headroom clearance.

If all else fails and a roller door won’t work, take a look at our ThermAdor Residential insulated sectional door or, for industrial doors, check out our ThermAdor Industrial sectional door range.

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