You’ll really appreciate an automatic garage door opener on those cold, dark or rainy days. No more getting in and out of your car to open or close your garage door! 

The Guardian RD2 automatic opener provides quiet, convenient, reliable operation as well as increased security and is suitable for all Roll-A-Door and RollOver roller doors. The powerful 1000N 24V DC motor is suitable for single or double doors up to 16.5m2. The slimline motor requires only 50mm sideroom between the door curtain and the inside of the bracket.

Quality, Convenience and Reliable Performance

Simply press the button as you enter your driveway, the door opens, a courtesy light comes on and you drive in. Press the button again and the door closes behind you and the light turns off automatically. 

Two keyring handsets

The opener comes with two stylish multi-channel keyring handsets with back-lit LED and a smart zinc metallic finish. Each handset can be programmed to operate up to three garage doors.

Courtesy light

The in-built LED courtesy light illuminates when you open or close your garage door.

Internal wireless wall button

A wireless wall button and an internal transmitter button on the unit are also supplied as standard for your convenience.

Manual release

In the event of a power cut, a simple pull of the disengage cord will release the door and allow you to operate it manually.

High Security Automatic Locking

A mechanical motor blocking device automatically locks the door when it closes to protect against forced entry. The door cannot be opened until it receives a coded signal from your handset.


An external key release allows the door to be manually operated during a power failure.

Infra-red beam sensors are available as an additional safety measure.

Safe Opening and Closing of your Garage Door

Soft start, soft stop

Slows down the door before the end of the cycle and stops it gently. At the start of the cycle, it will accelerate smoothly to the normal speed. This reduces wear and tear on the motor and door.

CE and RoHS compliant

Meets European Safety Standard EN 13241-1 and EN 12453.

Automatic reverse function

if the door comes into contact with an obstruction it will either stop or go back up automatically.

Automatic intelligent door profiling

with multi-point obstruction detection algorithm checks and adjusts the force required to ensure the door operates safely and smoothly.

Now that Wondor has done all the hard work ensuring your door will look great and operate reliably, all you have to do is choose from our Roll-A-Door or RollOver range and, of course, pick the colour.

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