The thermal performance of the building envelope can make a significant contribution to reducing the overall building energy usage. Our insulated door panels form an integral part of the buildings in which they are used and serve to help lower the operational energy demand.†

Maximum Thermal Performance Guaranteed

Vehicle access doors and other large doors form an integral part of industrial buildings and, in many situations, contribute to a significant percentage of the overall building elements. Door component thermal performance will affect the overall energy performance of a building and door component ratings will contribute to the overall Building Emissions Rate (BER). 

Current Building Regulations* for new buildings stipulate a maximum area weighted U value of 1.5 W/m2K for vehicle access doors / large doors on non-dwellings. Independent test results show that ThermAdor Industrial surpasses this requirement.

Thermal performance of installed doors compared to regulations.

Thermal Performance
NPD = no performance determined. *Part L2A (England & Wales), Part F2 (Northern Ireland), Part L (Republic of Ireland), Conservation of Fuel & Power, non-dwellings. †82-86% of a building’s life cycle energy is used in the operational phase of running a building with 40-60% of same being for heating purposes.

Comparison of Thermal Performance with other Door Types

We take thermal performance seriously. Unfortunately, there is sometimes a mistaken belief that other common door types have an equivalent thermal performance to ThermAdor Industrial. In the door industry, U values, testing and the building regulations in relation to installed doors are widely misunderstood and are therefore reported inaccurately. The U value of a roller lath or an insulated panel is often interpreted as being the U value of an ‘installed door’, but this is incorrect and misrepresents the door’s thermal characteristics. So, if in doubt, ask for proof in the form of an independent test report.

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